Solutions by Dr. Loev

A New Concept in Counseling

Better than traditional therapy

Over the past year, Dr. Loev has had tremendous success helping patients via telephone counseling. It works better than in-office counseling.

Here's how it benefits you:

Convenience - make the call from home or your preferred place
Comfort - in your pajamas and your favorite chair
Privacy - between you and your therapist in your own space
No-distraction - you have control of the environment
Low stress - no traffic or parking hassles or worry about being late

Telephone Counseling is a practical approach that yields surprisingly better results than traditional counseling. And the feedback Dr. Loev has from patients using phone counseling is astounding!

With this success in mind, Dr. Loev has decided to offer Clinical Telephone Counseling.

The session is much like what you may be accustomed to in therapy, but with more satisfying results. You learn about your relationships, how to reduce painful emotions and to identify your strengths.

With the phone counseling approach, Dr. Loev is able to spend more time getting to know you and exploring your concerns. This allows you time for reflection and note taking. And though time is not a concern, a change in your perspective comes swiftly.

You will find that discussion goes deeper into feelings. Consequently, the opportunity for insight into working toward a solution is enhanced.

Dr. Loev's total attention is focused on helping you come to a greater understanding and to seeing a way forward.

This innovative approach works for all therapies Dr. Loev offers. If you are a results-oriented person, this is the answer for you.

Try telephone counseling. You will feel the difference.

Note: Charges for telephone counseling are exactly the same as traditional counseling.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Loev with any questions
you have about this ground-breaking service. Call 210-492-6177