Listen to Dr. Loev's KTSA radio recordings to hear topics on Relationship Counseling - Click the KTSA Recordings button on this page to hear clips of the show. Listen to Dr. Loev's KTSA radio recordings to hear topics on Relationship Counseling - Click the KTSA Recordings button on this page to hear clips of the show.

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Irv Loev, Ph.D. is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas and has been providing essential answers to improve the lives of individuals, couples and businesses for the past 30 years. Dr. Loev believes the counselor is responsible for the outcome of therapy. See Dr. Loev's qualifications.

If you have decided to make a dramatic and positive change in your life's direction, then you have come to the right place. Dr. Loev has developed an exciting new system of viewing human behavior that can help you understand your life's issues on topics, such as:

Bipolar Marriage Support Center

Bipolar couples are reported to have a 90% divorce rate. This is a staggering statistic. Years of success and experience helping couples who get counseling stay together for the long term motivated Dr. Irv Loev to create the Bipolar Marriage Support Center.

The Effects of Childhood Abandonment on Adult Relationships

Childhood abandonment has a profound influence on the developing personality of a child and on his/her relationships in later life. Sadly, the consequences of abandonment can also be passed along to future generations. The good news is the hurt and fear can be overcome, relationships strengthened, and future life can be improved significantly.

Recovery From an Extra-Marital Affair

Social Media has encouraged the frequency of extra-marital affairs. Recovery from this experience can be very painful and difficult. With proper guidance, couples cn overcome their hurt and form a stronger relationship.

Stopping Internet Compulsive Behavior

The internet is readily available in most households. As a result, people turn to the computer to escape life problems. All too often the problems they are trying to escape become worse, like sexual addictions. Learn how to conquer these. Compulsions can be channeled and addressed in a positive way.

Dealing With a BiPolar Personality

There are 6 million diagnosed bipolar people in our society. Dr. Loev has formulated a unique paradigm which enables bipolar people to understand themselves and make better life decisions. If you would like to assist the bipolar people in your life, this model will give you the tools to address this area.

Improving Sexual Relations

Problems occur in this area because there is not enough information available. Consequently, emotions like frustration, anxiety, and disappointment occur. Why not receive the information you need. It will truly make a difference and build confidence.

Are You Blue or Red?

In the book "Conflict Means I Love You" two personality types are described. If you embrace this approach, you can enhance your couples communication and most certainly your sex life.

Vocational Testing

For most people the selection of a career can be daunting. Dr. Loev has created a vocational test which he has used for over 30 years. The test is good for high school students, college students, and people looking for a second career.